Dental Services Review 1978-1979

Dental Services Press Packet

Press Packet

Press Packet on the poor quality of Dental Care at State Schools and Hospitals. This material was distributed at a press conference held by PARC and Dr. Jay Reznik after an unsatisfactory response from the Department of Public Welfare.

Dental Review at Cresson Center

Dental Review at Cresson Center Conducted by Dr. Jay Reznik. Dr. Reznik's report notes understaffing, a lack of specialized equiptment, overuse of anesthesia, and the practice of allowing the teeth of the patients to rot until extraction is the only option.

Dental Review at Ebensburg Center

Dr. Jay Reznik's report from Ebensburg Center, noting a lack of staff, equiptment, and a lack of medical records. among other problems.

Letter from Jay Reznik to Peter Polloni

Letter from Jay Reznik expressing expressing anger on the lack of response or action from the DPW regarding the dental services provided to residents of state facilities.

Proposed Plan for Dental Service Review

The Department of Public Welfare's plan to review the dental services in response to the reports of Dr. Jay Reznik.

Dental Review of Cresson Center

Review of Cresson Center's dental services conducted by the Department of Public Welfare.

Dental Review of Ebensburg

Review of Ebensburg's dental services conducted by Pennsylvania's Department of Public Welfare