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Proclamation of Retarded Children's Week Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor's Proclamation
Official proclamation from Governor Scranton's office announcing Retarded Children's Week

Letter regarding New Center in Allegheny County
Letter from Robert Nelkin to Ellen Siciliano informing her of a new State Center that is to be opened in Allegheny County. ACC PARC is concerned that this will slow integration and seeks guidance.

Letter to Commissioner Ed Goldman on PARC Visit to Hamburg State School
Letter to Commissioner of Mental Retardation Ed Goldman listing PARC members' concerns and recommendations regarding conditions at Hamburg State School and Hospital.

Rights of Residents to Outside Written and Telephone Communications
Letter from Norman J. Taylor to James H. McClelland criticizing Polk's practice of censoring outside mail and prohibiting residents from making or receiving telephone calls.

Letter from H.W. Wehe to Dr. James H. McClelland
This letter from H.W. Wehe is in response to Dr. McClelland's offer to make an exception to Polk's communication policy for his daughter, Nancy. Mr. Wehe alerts Dr. McClelland to his contact with Mike Levine, and promises to cooperate with Mr. Levine…

Letter from Mike Levine to Norm Taylor
This letter from Mike Levine expresses frustration at the communication policies at Polk, specifically the Nancy Wehe incident.

Report on Western State School and Hospital, 1972
Robert Nelkin describes conditions at Western State School and Hospital, weighs options for remedying the situation there, and recommends legal action as the most effective means of reform.

Letter From H.W. Wehe to Mike Levine
This response from H.W. Wehe to Mike Levine updating Mr. Levine on his correspondence with Dr. McClelland. Mr. Wehe also agrees that this communication issue may be a worthwhile project for ACC PARC.

Letter from Dr. James H. McClelland to H.W. Wehe
This letter from Dr. James H. McClelland to H.W. Wehe addresses telephone communications with Nancy Wehe, as well as resident communications in general. Dr. McClelland makes an exception for Nancy, but says he can not make any promises about access…

Additional Notes on Fire at Cresson State School
Handwritten notes, probably Bob Nelkin's, related to a fire at Cresson State School in which at least two patients were killed.
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